Solar Power Systems

Camplin Electrical is Clean Energy Council accredited for Design & Installation of Grid Connected Solar Power Systems, with us you will get a no nonsense design and quotation. (Clean Energy Council Accreditation No A5809543)

As a Registered Electrical Contractor you can rest easy in the knowledge that Solar Power is a part of our business and that some of the concerns regarding the viability of Solar only businesses does not apply to us - we are here for the long run.

Our quotations are complete in every respect - we show you;

A fixed cost for your system (if a no cost, no obligation site visit is completed in accordance with CEC guidelines)
A design summary showing you the estimated minimum, maximum and daily average electrical generation fo your system
Either a sketch or an aerial image of your roof space showing the locations of your solar array and inverter
Where possible a financial analysis showing your expected electricity bill with solar power connected, the payback time for the system etc.

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Simply put - WE CARE

With the Tasmanian Feed In Tariff of $0.08/kWh, in most cases it is no longer practical to install a system that exports large amounts of power.

It is best to design a system to cover your maximum daytime usage of electricity, that is the power you consume during daylight hours.

Camplin Electrical will work with prospective clients to determine the most effective system for their needs, a system that will save you money and reduces any effects from greenhouse gases.

With the constantly rising price of electricity these savings will only increases with each increase in the cost of your energy.

This change will provide the impetus for new methods of utilising your solar energy to further reduce electricity bills.

Methods of storing your generated solar power in battery banks for use after the solar system ceases generation for the day are available, these allow you to store excess solar generated power for use after the system has ceased generating energy for the day, we are happy to discuss these storage methods with you if you wish.

The following contains further details of our services and some interesting information you should consider, giving you the facts about Grid Connected Solar Power Systems.

What Is Grid Connected Solar Power

Solar Grid Connected Power is achieved by the installation of photovoltaic modules.

The solar array (a group of solar panels is called a solar array) must be installed so that any shading by trees, buildings or other structures is kept at an absolute minimum. This is required as a shaded panel or module (solar modules make up a solar panel) forms a resistance and may cause the solar panel to "soak" up electrical energy from the other panels giving you less energy to use and reducing the efficiency of your system.

The Inverter is the piece of equipment that converts the DC (Direct Current) power provided by the Solar Array to AC (Alternating Current) power that can be used by your electrical equipment and where any excess power produced can be exported to the electrical supply grid.

The Equipment & Installation

Due to the recent surge in the use of Solar Grid Connected Systems there are many manufacturers now in the market. As Solar power systems are expected to continue producing power for 20 years and more it is very important that you are aware of the available warranty for this equipment, some cheaper varieties may be a problem if they fail in the future.

Camplin Electrical only use equipment approved by the Clean Energy Council for Solar Grid Connected Power installations and with over 25 years experience in the electrical industry you can be sure we know what we are doing and will not cause any damage to your property.

The Design

A well designed and effective system is a must for continued electrical power generation, above all a site inspection in accordance with Clean Energy Council guidelines is a MUST for the effective design of your system.

Included in this design visit are discussions about what energy you use, when you use it and suggestions on how to utilise this energy more efficiently.

The solar array needs to be maintained in accordance with your installation companies recommendations in order to operate effectively over the life of the system, Solar Operators manual details these requirements.

As part of our installation system owners are provide with full documentation relating to system equipment, warranties and maintenance requirements and our design & installation philosophy involves documented step by step procedures.

Your Grid Connected Power System will continue to reduce your electricity bills and of course its contribution to the reduction of Greenhouse Gases can only be a benefit whether you have strong beliefs in Climate Change or not.

Camplin Electrical is accredited with the Clean Energy Council of Australia for the design and installation of Grid Connected Solar Power Systems in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, we know how to design Grid Connected Solar Power Systems for the long term.

Using state of the art design tools and software programs you can be sure our systems are designed to work at the maximum your site conditions allow and continue to work well into the future.